About us


We embrace the process of educating, empowering and encouraging. Our mission is to empower community members through education. Whether theory or practical, we firmly believe that knowledge, skills and awareness result in stronger members of the community. Through education and empowerment, we create stronger and healthier communities and encourage leaders to make a difference.


At ILFO, we believe that everyone should have equal access to resources regardless of gender, race and age. Our long and short-term projects are strongly geared towards the mental and physical health of community members, increasing awareness on social and systemic issues and giving members of our community the tools to address a wide variety of obstacles.

Board of directors

  • Executive Director: Mastoureh Alvandkouhy
  • President: Matin AtapourVice
  • President: Shima Hassanzadeh
  • Treasurer: Hamid Atapour
  • Secretary: Cosmina Silvia-Nistor
  • Member: Agn├Ęs Kangala
  • Member: Afsane Nikaein
  • Member: Dave Di Palma

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