Historical Background

From 2010 up to present ILFO was active in memoir writing, interfaith, back yard sharing, nutrition and several other innovative community activities. Construction project at Glendon College affected our office space but situation will change in near future.

Outreach to Iranian community continued to be a success. Author and university professor, Dr. Nima Naghibi, presented her book “Rethinking Global Sisterhood”. ILFO is granted the charity # and a proposal to Federal Government was accepted.

2006 to 2008:
ILFO received a grant from the Attorney General. Efforts in outreach to the Iranian community started and the response had been extremely positive. Art classes (painting, drawing, etc.) and memoir writing classes were offered at the centre. Self-confidence training sessions were also provided by a counsellor. Excellent response on all efforts for this time period.

2000 to 2005:
In 2003, the hotline S.O.S. femmes terminated. In April 2004, the organization adopted a new name: Institut de leadership des femmes de l’Ontario (ILFO) and dedicated itself to new areas of interest, such as finance, counselling and created focus groups. In October 2004, Victoria Arshad became the new Executive Director at ILFO.

1995 to 2000:
The research centre for women moved to the Glendon campus of York University. “Dialogue centre de mediation” is created and conflict mediation courses were offered in French during this period of time.

1989 to 1995:
Women from different communities organized and created seven regional committees of intervention for preventing violence and promoting community development. Four agencies were also created in Oshawa, Borden, Trenton and Sarnia. S.O.S. femmes became 24hr hotline.

1987 to 1989:
The women started a telephone line (S.O S. femmes) providing service in French, open a research centre and provide resources for women.

1982 to 1985:
A group of Toronto French-speaking women organize information sessions on violence against women. Their aim was to provide information, recruit and regroup other women throughout Southern Ontario in order to create a common front on combating violence against women. York University dedicated a scholarship award to students of women’s studies in honour of founder of the organization, Lorraine Gauthier.

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