About Us

ILFO is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing educational services for those in need. We offer assistance to immigrants and aim to improve their lives as they transition into a new lifestyle. ILFO acts as a gathering place for many members of the community while simultaneously promoting and supporting other community-based organizations.

What We Offer

ILFO offers divers programs and services for community members and those involved. Through Counselling & Case Management, we assist immigrants in need by providing individual, group and alternative counselling. ILFO provides an assortment of Seminars & Conferences that touch up on a variety of topics, ranging from addiction to stress management to Leadership from Within, in order to cater to anyone in need.

How You Can Help

ILFO provides different routes for people interested in participating in the cause. We are constantly looking for compassionate, friendly and enthusiastic people to join our team. This can be done through volunteering, donating, sponsoring, and student placements.


The first step of our process is to educate. Through Skill Exchange, we run classes for the transfer of hard skills from professionals to participants. This includes, but is not limited to, art, poetry, woodwork, etc. A portion of our education is specifically catered for seniors, meant to bring the community together through inter-generational integration groups. Our workshops are our effective way to teach life skills, in informative and interactive manners.


The second step is to encourage. Our goal is to create an ongoing support system for men and women from all walks of life. We strengthen people by connecting them to the right resources. ILFO provide women’s groups which aid in coaching and discussing women’s issues such as boundaries, confidence, social life, finances and many other pertinent topics. Our book clubs act as group interactions that touch up on a variety of topics including self-help and self-improvement, through interpretive readings. We seek to mentor members and act as the linking bridge between individuals and the mentors who can help them reach their goals.


The last step is to empower. ILFO’s healthy lifestyle coaching teaches participants on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, well after they’ve settled into their new lifestyles. This step puts emphasis on soft skills including economy and money management. Our networking events give community members an opportunity to meet others, promote their business and support each other, for the rest of their careers. The creation of a strong supportive network is the key.
Improving gender equality creates better economic and social conditions for the community as a whole. This is because empowered women and men function in a more effective way and create a cycle of cohesiveness by reinvesting themselves into the community which in turn results in more successful outcomes. Helping women and girls is a cost-effective way to invest in a better future and stronger communities.