What we do


  • Skill exchange
    • Classes and workshops for the transfer of hard skills
    • Variety of areas of interest such as art, poetry, music, woodwork, etc
    • Informative and fun
  • Seniors classes
    • Community inter-generational integration groups
    • Book Club
  • Workshops
    • Teaching life skills such as communication, conflict management, violence, etc.
    • Workshops led by experienced professionals as key note speakers
    • Men’s and women’s workshops available
    • Informative and interactive in nature


  • Networking Events
    • Giving community members an opportunity to meet others, promote their business and support each other
    • Promoting development and professional growth
    • Creating a strong supportive network
  • Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
    • Classes on a variety of topics related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    • Physical activity such as yoga and meditation classes
    •  Soft skills such as economy and money management classes
    •  Emotional skills such as self-awareness and self-esteem classes
    •  Promoting self-sufficiency, confidence and independence


  • Women’s groups
    • Ongoing support groups for women from all walks of life
    • Coaching and discussions regarding boundaries, confidence, social life, finances and many other pertinent topics
    • Exploring various relevant notions such as womanhood and motherhood
  • Book Clubs
    • Group interactions based in interpreting readings
    • A variety of topics including self-help and self-improvement
    •  Positive discussions in a supportive group environment
  • Mentorship
    • Linking individuals to mentors who can help them reach their goals
    • Coaching in order to help you get what you want
    • Strengthening women and connecting them to the right resources

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